Mission Statement:

Archive Duplication Company’ mission is to provide unique services that reaches the highest quality of brand representation which includes apparel printing, cd duplication, logos, dvd duplications business cards flyers posters, banners.

We are committed to providing the most affordable pricing. Archive Duplication Company believes that the legacy you leave is more important than the cash that you receive. Archive Duplication Company is proud to have a positive family oriented based environment.


ARCHIVE DUPLICATION COMPANY est. 2007, a company started by artists, for artists. A place where originally only CD’s were duplicated grew into a company offering graphic design, printing, and photography. We strive to give quality and quantity with the lowest expense to our consumers.

Based in the City of Chicago, a place of visionaries; and we at Archive Duplication can and will materialize what you visualize at first glance, by using a blank CD as a canvas for your custom design, painted and molded, and brought forward as a form of your creative representation to the masses.

Allow us to take you to the “next level” or let us help maintain your next level status.


Byron Walker – Operations Manager
Detra Walker – Assistant Manager of Operations
Alicia Spikes – Graphic Design Team /Sales
Tyrone Swain – Production Manager
Tyanta Warren – Graphic Design Team/Sales
DeMajae Brown – Sales & Marketing
Malcolm Adams -Sales & Marketing

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